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Balance honesty with objectivity when addressing prior treatment

Patient Care

Dentists often find themselves in an awkward predicament when a patient presents with what appears to be substandard work by another provider. Learn how to find the right balance between candidness and refrain.

Patient Selection: Instincts, Courage and Healthy Relationships

Patient Care
Many professional liability claims could have been avoided or mitigated had the dentist been more cautious about choosing which patients to accept into care. Learn more about selection when it comes to new, emergency, second-opinion and...

Bartering Your Dental Services? Get It in Writing

General Liability

For dentists, bartering can lay the groundwork for a liability claim if things don't go as planned. Should you decide to barter treatment, the details must be clear and documented on paper so each party upholds their end of the agreement.

Post-treatment care crucial in foreign object aspiration incidents

Patient Care
When accidental aspiration or ingestion of a foreign object occurs during a dental procedure, communication about proper post-treatment care can prevent the incident from developing into a critical event.

Managing patients with HIV

Patient Care
Refusing to treat a patient due to HIV status or perceived HIV status can be grounds for a discrimination claim. Mitigate your risk by better understanding treatment precautions and requirements.
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Liability Lifeline

2021 Volume 1, Health + Resilience Issue

Explore the many causes and implications of today’s evolving wellness issues, understand how dentists’ well-being can increase the practice's liability risks and learn healthy techniques for coping and building resilience.

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