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Manage your account online, anytime.

As part of our enhanced website experience, you can now save time by accessing your coverage online. Within your TDIC account, it’s now faster and easier to manage policies, pay bills, file or check on a claim, and keep your information up-to-date. You can also tap into risk management resources just for policyholders.

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Within your TDIC account, it’s now faster and easier to manage policies, pay bills, file or check on a claim, and keep information up to date. Plus, tap into risk management resources just

Have questions or can’t yet access your account? Check online account FAQ for policyholders.

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Make a one-time payment  or set up recurring debits.


Check contact details and communication preferences. 


Change named insureds, see certificates and more. 


Submit notice of loss or verify claim status. 


Connect to an expert for specific coverage needs.


Tap into risk management tools, templates and C.E. 

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Most policies can be managed online, including Professional Liability and your Employment Practices Liability endorsement if applicable, Commercial Property, Workers’ Compensation, and Cyber Suite Liability. Products offered through your agent that are underwritten by outside carriers cannot be managed within your online account. The date which you can first start accessing your policies online may depend on your state and policy renewal date.  

You’ll receive communication when you are able to access your online account. Most policyholders will be able to sign in and enjoy the enhanced features right now, others will gain access at the time of their next policy renewal.

Washington policyholders: Access will become available at the time of your policy renewal after March 2022. For assistance with coverage, claims, billing and policy updates until that time, please contact a helpful expert at 800.282.9342.

Create your online account in minutes. Click the Register button under My Account and follow the prompts. Your primary email address will be your user ID, to which we’ll send a verification code. You’ll then enter your name and choose a secure password. Separately, you’ll enter your mobile phone number so that multifactor authentication can be used when needed to protect your account. Then, you will enter the following for one-time verification of your account to ensure secure access to your policy information: the policy number from any one of your policies, your ADA number, and the zip code from your TDIC invoice. Where to find this information

Hibret Hailu Benjamin, DDS
Marc Bernardo, DMD, MPH
Jennifer J. Liu, DDS, MD