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Help and FAQs

Find answers to common TDIC questions right here.

Managing Your Account

To make managing your coverage even easier and more convenient, we built secure, 24/7 online access with enhanced functionality. Sign in to quickly complete tasks, view documents and initiate requests.

Pay bills, view documents, update information, request changes, submit or track claims and more. Learn more about your online account options or sign in to explore.

Most policies can be managed online, including Professional Liability and your Employment Practices Liability endorsement if applicable, Commercial Property, Workers’ Compensation, and Cyber Suite Liability. Products offered through your agent that are underwritten by outside carriers cannot be managed within your online account. The date which you can first start accessing your policies online may depend on your state and policy renewal date.  

You’ll receive communication when you are able to access your online account. Most policyholders will be able to sign in and enjoy the enhanced features right now, others will gain access at the time of their next policy renewal.

Washington policyholders: Access will become available at the time of your policy renewal after March 2022. For assistance with coverage, claims, billing and policy updates until that time, please contact a helpful expert at 800.282.9342.

Create your online account in minutes. Click the Register button under My Account and follow the prompts. Your primary email address will be your user ID, to which we’ll send a verification code. You’ll then enter your name and choose a secure password. Separately, you’ll enter your mobile phone number so that multifactor authentication can be used when needed to protect your account. Then, you will enter the following for one-time verification of your account to ensure secure access to your policy information: the policy number from any one of your policies, your ADA number, and the zip code from your TDIC invoice. Where to find this information

Even if you logged into TDIC’s site prior to August 2021, you’ll need to create an account to access new online features.

Follow the prompts to set up your username and password and be connected to your policies and benefits.

To reset your password, simply click the Forgot your password? link and follow the prompts. A code will be sent to your mobile device to verify your account before you are prompted to choose and confirm a new password.

Yes. As the accountholder, you may add one authorized user, such as your office manager, who can access TDIC policies on your behalf. The authorized user will have limited ability to perform transactions and limited access to certain policy and billing information. The user is able to view information including, but not limited to, contact information, policy details and documents, coverages, policy and billing statuses and invoice details. However, the authorized user does not have access to claims or risk management information. The authorized user also can complete credit card payments, but cannot change the payment plan or set up recurring autopay payments.

Once you add your authorized user, we will email an invitation to the user’s email address you provide. Please note, it is your responsibility to manage an authorized user’s access by providing accurate information and revoking access by removing them promptly within your account.  

Once you sign into your online account, you’ll see your TDIC policies listed on your Account Summary dashboard. Select a policy and then click Turn On in the Paperless column. Follow the quick prompts to choose Paperless Preferred. By going paperless, most notices will only be delivered electronically, including invoices for policies that are on a monthly Autopay plan.

To allow flexibility, document preferences for each policy are managed separately. Click Turn On and follow the prompts for every policy which you wish to be paperless.

After signing into your online account, select Billing in the top menu. Within your Billing Summary, you’ll be able to set up automatic payments or change your payment plan. Options include monthly autopay, semi-annual and annual. For the automated withdrawals, select the monthly autopay plan and follow the prompts to complete your request. Note: To allow payment flexibility, each policy's payment plan is managed separately.  

After signing into your online account, select Billing in the top menu. Within your Billing Summary, select the desired policy by clicking on the policy number, then Change Payment Plan. Then, update the fields with your new account information. Follow the prompts to complete your request. Note: To allow payment flexibility, each policy's payment plan is managed separately.  

After signing into your online account, you’ll be able to see your TDIC policies listed on your Account Summary dashboard. Select a policy by clicking the policy number and then clicking the Edit Policy Profile button. You’ll be able to update your address by selecting Mailing Address. Follow the prompts and submit your address change. This will update your mailing address for policy correspondence. Each policy’s mailing address is managed separately.  

After signing into your online account, you’ll be able to see your TDIC policies listed on your Account Summary dashboard. Select a policy by clicking the policy number. Policy documents will be listed for review and for you to download, save and print at your convenience on desktop, laptop and tablet devices. For copies of historical documents not visible within your online account, please contact your agent.

We know that there are times when you should talk directly with an expert about your coverage or claim. Find the right regional contact to support you.

Reporting a Claim

We take a personal, hands-on approach throughout the claims process. Reporting a claim is just the first step, whether through an online form, by signing in to your account or by telephone. Next, we will assign you a claims representative. This individual will guide you through each following step of the process and will be your dedicated contact until your case is closed. 

At the conclusion of a case, each policyholder receives a service evaluation, encouraging a candid evaluation of how the claims staff and defense counsel handled the claim. The feedback collected helps TDIC evaluate and provide enhancements to our claims processes. 

The attorneys on TDIC’s legal defense team are well-versed in dental issues and malpractice law. When a case requires representation, we will provide you with a knowledgeable and informed attorney who complements the team approach in defending your claim. 

Learn more about the Professional Liability claims process

No. There can be many reasons why an offer of settlement is considered. Some policyholders weigh the option of pursuing the case through litigation against the time and expense of being away from their practices. In some instances, the settlement demand is within a range that is considered acceptable to the policyholder and TDIC, given all of the variables in a particular case. Standard release language also contains wording that states the settlement is not an admission of liability. Regardless of the reasons why you may consider a settlement, professional liability matters are never settled without your written consent. 

All forms and postings are contained within the TDIC’s claims kit, including:

  • DWC 1: A form completed by the injured employee. 
  • 5020: A form completed by TDIC on your behalf when an injury is reported to the dedicated claims line. A copy of the report will be emailed to you for your records. 
  • Time of Hire pamphlet: Information to provide to each new hire and to employees who become injured.  
  • DWC 7: A required posting for employers.
Access TDIC’s Workers’ Compensation claims kit

Yes, employees may predesignate a physician if the:

  • employer currently offers group health coverage and the employee is an established
  • patient of the physician he or she chooses within the plan 
  • physician is predesignated prior to an injury occurring 
  • physician agrees to the Workers' Compensation fee schedule 
Learn more about the Workers’ Compensation claims process

The labor code mandates that an employer provide the employee access to medical treatment within 24 hours of the injury.

Becoming a Policyholder

We were built by dentists to protect only dentists. From new grads to educators to owners, TDIC offers coverage for every stage of practice. Through our trusted brokers, you can access additional insurance solutions for your family and practice team. 

We’ve grown to protect dentists in 15 states. Check coverage options in your region to learn more. 

We believe that a strong dental community empowers individual dentists and practices of every size. State dental association membership is an eligibility requirement for dentists in California and Illinois, but we encourage all dentists to join in the benefits of membership at the local, state and national level.  

Start a free, no-obligation quote online any time or by calling a knowledgeable agent during business hours.

Contact us for guidance choosing the right type and amount of insurance for your needs, as well as updating your coverage as your practice changes.

Simply put, protecting dentists is all we do. With this singular focus, you can trust exceptional coverage at fair rates and unparalleled experience reducing your risks. Learn more about us

Risk Management Tools & C.E.

No. Non-policyholders and dental team members can participate in most seminars and e-learning courses and earn C.E. However, only TDIC policyholders can benefit from premium discounts for two years for completing the current seminar.

E-learning courses are available through CDA Presents 360, an online learning platform. When you click Register Now for your course, you will be directed to

Simply click Register Now, sign in or create a profile, and follow the prompts. 

Tips for signing in:

  • If you are a TDIC policyholder and have registered for a course previously, be sure to log in using the same email address and password you used to create your account.
  • If you are a TDIC policyholder with online account access, you will still need to create an account to register for an e-learning course. 
  • If you are a CDA member, be sure to log in or create your account with the same email address you use to access 
  • Not yet a TDIC policyholder or CDA member? Create your account to access select courses. 

Note: Even if a course has no fee, you’ll need to add it to your cart to register. 
Once you have registered for your course, you’ll receive a confirmation email with details on accessing your course. 

Need additional assistance?  Submit a ticket  to our support team.

Our online learning platform supports nearly all major browsers on laptops and desktops. However, the platform is not compatible with mobile phones or tablets less than 8" in size.

Need additional assistance? Submit a ticket to our support team.

Some web browsers prevent the launch of a new browser tab. If you click on "Join the Webinar" and nothing happens, it is likely that you are being blocked by your web browser. Unlike other web browsers, Apple iPads and MacBooks block pop-ups by default.  That means  you will likely need to adjust your app settings to allow webinars to launch. 

Below are links to pop up control documentation from the major web browsers for your reference.  

Need additional assistance? Submit a ticket to our support team. 

If you or someone in your group requires special assistance to fully participate in a seminar, please call 877.269.8844.

For online courses, the webinar recording and C.E. certificate will be available to you within one week of the webinar. 

For live courses, a certificate of completion will be issued upon completion of the course. C.E. certificates will be available to you within two weeks.   

Need additional assistance? Submit a ticket to our support team. 

You can access your recorded webinars from the user menu, under the "content library" menu option. 

The user menu can be found in the top left corner of your browser, next to the CDA Presents 360 logo. 

Need additional assistance? Submit a ticket to our support team. 

Once your course is successfully completed, your certificate will be available to you within one week on our learning platform. Simply log in to the platform to check for, view and print certificates.

Please note, to receive C.E. credit and the 5% Professional Liability premium discount, live seminar attendees (whether in-person or virtual) must be present for the entirety of the three-hour course.

To cancel or transfer your registration, your request must be made three business days prior to the seminar by contacting us or calling 877.269.8844. If you do not cancel or transfer your registration in time, you will not receive a refund or credit toward a future seminar.

Many of our risk management resources were built just for TDIC policyholders. To access informed consent or sample forms and reference guides or submit a question to our analysts, sign in to your online account. If you’re a TDIC policyholder who does not yet have online access, contact us for assistance with resource access. Risk management publications and e-learning options are available online at any time.

TDIC policyholders and dental association members in the states we serve benefit from one-on-one guidance from dedicated analysts. If you’re faced with a practice challenge or potential liability, schedule a consult at a time that works for you or call the Advice Line during business hours.

Can’t find the answer or need an assist?