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Workers’ Compensation Claims Process

Despite your practice’s best efforts to create a safe work environment, accidents happen. TDIC’s claims representatives will partner with you, your injured employees and medical providers to ensure your team member returns to work safely and quickly. Our specialized model focuses on outcomes, assigning key parts of the process to specialized  professionals, ensuring we engage the right resources at the right time.

What to Do When an Employee Is Injured

  • Obtain essential information as listed in our Workers’ Compensation Claims Kit.  
  • Please note, the state in which you practice or in which the injury occurred may inform the how you submit the claim.
  • Gather the facts: employee’s name, Social Security number, a description of the accident and a description of the injury.
  • Contact TDIC right away at 877.269.8844

All claims that incur medical treatment costs, even minor treatment such as first aid, must be reported, regardless if they are paid by your office or TDIC (as required by the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California).

  • Once you submit your claim, a TDIC claims representative will contact you as soon as possible to verify information, ask questions, explain coverage and begin processing.
  • Use our online resources to download state-specific workers’ compensation forms and find a network medical provider or pharmacy. 

Workers’ compensation benefits are administered by Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. One of our dedicated Sedgwick claims examiners will contact you as part of the investigative process. Medical and disability benefits are payable as determined by state laws. Speak to your claim representative for details. 

We’re here to guide you. Contact a TDIC claims representative at 877.269.8844 to discuss your coverage or to start the claims process.