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OMG! Txting @ work is not gr8


Mobile devices have revolutionized the way we communicate, but their use has many liability implications for dental practices.

Copyright Infringement and Website Images

General Liability

Dentists are ultimately responsible for the content on their websites, and must therefore familiarize themselves with copyright law.

Follow a Post-Exposure Plan After Needlestick Injury

General Liability

As the No. 1 Worker’s Compensation Claim in dentistry, needlestick injuries require a thorough and immediate plan to document exposure.

Employee Needlestick Injuries are Prevalent and Preventable


There is often a pattern of behavior related to needlestick injuries, so implementing precautions and an exposure control plan is crucial.

TDIC Updates Informed Refusal Form and Recommendations

Patient Care

Because a patient’s informed refusal holds potentially serious complications, it warrants consideration equal to informed consent.

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2021 Volume 1, Health + Resilience Issue

Explore the many causes and implications of today’s evolving wellness issues, understand how dentists’ well-being can increase the practice's liability risks and learn healthy techniques for coping and building resilience.

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