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Addressing Interoffice Dating


Clearly defined policies on office romance can help ward off claims of sexual harassment and favoritism, while keeping morale high.

Address Harassment Complaints Immediately to Avoid Liability

General Liability

Dentists have a legal obligation to maintain a safe workplace, and can be held liable if a harassment situation is not addressed.

Oral Cancer Protocol Essential as Legal Cases Rise

Patient Care

Oral cancer screenings should be conducted on all patients, in addition to follow-up and referral if any suspicious areas are discovered.

Use of Botox in Dentistry is a Fine Line (CA)

Patient Care
In California, the use of preparations such as Botox and Dysport must be within the scope of dental practice.

Use of Botox in Dentistry is a Fine Line

Patient Care

Dentists using Botox or Dysport must do so within the scope of their dental license, as defined by their state’s licensing authority.

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