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This article series is shared online and in select dental publications. Each article explores a single developing topic in risk management.

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When Casual Behavior Crosses the Professional Line


A relaxed, family-like environment is a good thing, but it is important to remember that dentists set the standard for appropriate conduct.

Accounting Controls Can Prevent Dishonest Behavior


Internal theft is an unfortunate reality, but dentists can avoid becoming a victim by implementing a few simple preventative measures.

Health History Vital in Assessing Patients, Reducing Risk

Patient Care

The health history form is one of the most overlooked forms in dental records, but one of the most important in keeping patients safe.

Report Employee Injuries Immediately to Avoid Complications


When faced with a Worker’s Compensation claim, dentists should follow a few basic guidelines to help the process go smoothly.

Actions to Help Avoid Ransomware Nightmare

General Liability

Cybercriminals can wreck havoc on a practice, costing thousands of dollars in damages, so vigilance is needed to protect data systems.

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Liability Lifeline

2021 Volume 1, Health + Resilience Issue

Explore the many causes and implications of today’s evolving wellness issues, understand how dentists’ well-being can increase the practice's liability risks and learn healthy techniques for coping and building resilience.

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