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This article series is shared online and in select dental publications. Each article explores a single developing topic in risk management.

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Getting the All-Clear Signal: Medical Clearance Forms and Follow-Up

Record Keeping
As health care becomes increasingly integrated, thoughtful coordination between dentists and physicians ensures positive patient outcomes.

Top Seven Data Breach Considerations

Record Keeping

From electronic theft to email security, data breaches are common and dentists must be familiar with notification requirements.

Winning Strategies for a Team Approach to Risk Management


Encouraging staff to watch for potential problems in a dental practice means difficulties are identified and diffused more efficiently.

Drug Monitoring Programs Help Patients and Dentists

Record Keeping

Pain management is an important component of dental care, so dentists are advised to carefully monitor patients’ prescription history.

Dentists and the Virtual Dental Home: What You Should Know

Patient Care

The Virtual Dental Home model demands the use of specific protocols and is subject to the same regulations as traditional practice models.

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