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This article series is shared online and in select dental publications. Each article explores a single developing topic in risk management.

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Final Notice: Sending an Account to Collections

Record Keeping
Sending a patient’s past-due account to a collection agency is a decision that should not be made in haste. Sometimes, the drawbacks of doing so far outweigh the benefits.

Second Chances: Accepting a Dismissed Patient Back Into Your Practice

General Liability
Making the decision to give a dismissed patient a second chance demands thorough consideration, but by following a few guidelines, it is possible to lessen the risk and avoid liability.

Prepping Your Practice for the Holidays

General Liability
Taking a few simple precautions before closing your practice for an extended period of time can bring peace of mind while you’re away.

Taking Inventory to Safeguard Your Practice


Thoroughly documenting your office contents ensures you have the right level of coverage and can speed up the claims process should a loss occur.

Understanding the Role of the Better Business Bureau

General Liability
When it comes to the BBB, finding the right balance between consumer protection and patient privacy can be tricky, but it is a crucial responsibility of all dentists.
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