Frequently Asked Questions

General Claims FAQs

If I fill out the online claim form to report a claim, do I have to do anything else?
TDIC prefers to take a personal, hands-on approach when it comes to the claims process. Reporting the claim is just the first step. This can done using our online form, by telephone or fax.

Next, we will assign you a claims representative. This person will contact you to discuss the claims process and will be your contact throughout the process to help guide you through every step, until your case is closed.

If I experience a claim, will my premium increase?
Your individual claim activity has no bearing on your premium. Premium rates are not determined or based upon your personal experience.

I received a survey about my recent claims experience. How will this information be used?
At the conclusion of each case, the policyholder receives a claims service evaluation, encouraging a candid evaluation of how the claims staff and defense counsel handled the claim. The feedback collected helps TDIC evaluate and provide enhancements to its claims process.

Professional Liability FAQs

Can I use my own attorney to help defend my claim?
The attorneys used by TDIC are well versed in dental issues and malpractice law. When a case requires representation, we will provide you with a knowledgeable and informed attorney who complements the team approach in defending your claim.

If I choose to settle and end up paying a patient, is that an admission of liability?
No. There can be many reasons why an offer of settlement is considered.

Some policyholders weigh the option of pursuing the case through litigation versus the time and expense of being away from their practice. In some instances, the settlement demand is within a range that is considered acceptable to the policyholder and TDIC, given all of the variables in a particular case. Standard release language also contains wording that states that the settlement is not an admission of liability.

Regardless of the reasons that you may consider a settlement, professional liability matters are never settled without your written consent.

Workers' Compensation FAQs

Are there Workers' Compensation posting requirements or forms for my workplace?
Yes. All required forms and postings are contained within the TDIC claims kit.

Required forms

  • DWC 1:
    The injured employee completes this form.
  • 5020:
    When an injury is reported to the dedicated claims line, TDIC will complete the 5020 form on your behalf. A copy of the report will be emailed to you for your records.
  • "Time of Hire" pamphlet:  
    Provide to each new hire and injured employees.

Required posting

  • DWC 7

Can my employees designate a physician instead of going to one in your Medical Provider Network?
Yes, employees may predesignate a physician if the:

  • employer currently offers group health coverage and the employee is an established patient of the physician he or she chooses within the plan
  • physician is predesignated prior to an injury occurring
  • physician agrees to the Workers' Compensation fee schedule

How long after a workplace injury occurs does the employer have to respond?
The labor code mandates that the employer provide access to medical treatment within 24 hours of the injury.