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Commercial Property Claims Process

After a property loss or damage, you can take a number of steps to prevent further damage and reduce the time it may take to restore business as usual. Your policy includes a specific list of steps you must take after an accident or loss, such as notifying TDIC as soon as it is practical and notifying the police in the case of theft.

If a claim is filed against you, don’t hesitate to report it TDIC. We will conduct an investigation to assess the allegations and pay any claims for which you are legally liable, subject to the terms and conditions of your policy.

Additionally, if anyone is injured, report it immediately to your dental business liability or workers’ compensation insurer. Obtain names and addresses of any witnesses. And, refrain from paying voluntary obligations or expenses. 

Reporting a Claim

Once you submit your claim, a TDIC claims representative will contact you as soon as possible to verify information, ask questions, complete an investigation and explain your coverage. At times, the cause of loss is not clear cut and additional investigation is needed, so a coverage decision will be made once the investigation is complete. 

Your Responsibilities After a Loss

  • Take reasonable steps to prevent potential safety risks or further damage. 
  • Secure property such as windows, doors and the roof as necessary. 
  • Contact a restoration company right away to assess damage and begin mitigation efforts to prevent further damage from occurring.  While TDIC does not endorse or guarantee specific restoration companies, we can help provide contact information for services in your area.
  • If the loss is caused by theft, notify the police. 
  • Notify banks and credit card companies about missing debit or credit cards. 
  • Photograph damaged property prior to initiating repairs. 
  • Keep accurate records and receipts for the products and services you pay for to secure or repair your property. 
  • Check with your claims  representative before you discard any items you plan to claim as damaged.  
  • Separate items that may be restored through cleaning or repair. 
  • Review your policy for specific coverage information.

A Four-Step Claim Process

We’ll work to help you repair or replace your damaged property, subject to the terms and conditions of your policy, following a four-step process.

Your TDIC claims representative will contact you about your claim to gather initial information about your loss, discuss your property policy coverage and any applicable endorsements, and may also suggest ways to prevent further damage. Your representative will guide you throughout the claims process.  

If needed, your claims representative will conduct a property inspection to determine how and why the loss occurred and confirm your applicable coverage. As necessary, your representative may call an independent adjuster to conduct the inspection of your property or vehicle, determine and investigate covered damages and help you understand your policy and its endorsements.

In the formal evaluation of your claim, facts will be gathered about your loss, any damage or injury will be investigated and documented, witnesses or other involved individuals may be interviewed, and photos or samples may be taken.

A forensic accountant may also be hired by TDIC to determine the amount payable to you for income loss if your practice closed due to the incident. 

If you have questions about your claim payment, do not hesitate to contact your claims representative. Know that cashing a check does not waive any rights you have under the terms of your policy. If your damages are not covered in part or in whole by your policy, we will explain how we arrive at the amounts paid under your policy and the applicable limits for these payments. 

When we resolve your claim according to the terms of your policy, we close the claim. At that point, if you have questions that haven’t been answered, call your claims representative. 

Please note: You are responsible for maintaining and protecting your property. If it is damaged, you must take appropriate action to protect it from further damage until you have it repaired.

Need assistance with reporting?

Get started in our Claims Center. For questions or to file by phone, call 800.733.0633.