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Risk Management Reference Guides

As a TDIC policyholder, you have exclusive access to a variety of resources and services, including free risk management tools. 

Whether you’re leasing property or employing assistants, knowing how to protect yourself and your practice from risk is literally priceless. So, we’ve made it easy to gain insight and learn best practices on a variety of dentistry-specific topics. 

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Recommended steps for protecting liability when buying or selling a practice
A proactive approach to responding to a cyberattack or data breach incident
An overview of cyber risks and targets, data breach and cyberattacks, investigations, preparation and prevention
Suggestions and best practices for taking on an associate or becoming an associate
Loss-prevention and loss-control tool to assist dentists who are leasing office space
Assistance in the organization of a mutual aid group and guidance in the event a dentist suffers a disability or death without the benefit of being a member of a mutual aid group
Step-by-step tips on how to take swift and appropriate action to mitigate property losses
Information on embezzlement methods, recovery and prevention strategies
Basic risk management concepts, including informed consent, financial arrangements, communication and recordkeeping
Tips and sample letters on how to properly notify patients, as well as other interested parties, when separating from a practice
Considerations for installing and monitoring surveillance cameras
Answers to frequently asked questions related to providing care for children of divorced parents
A helpful guide that explains litigation and small claims, designed to help you understand the processes and cope in the event that you are sued
Featured Reference Guide
Risk management is the practice of identifying and analyzing loss exposures and taking steps to minimize them. Dentists who commit to protecting their patients and the integrity of their profession may also do a better job of protecting themselves against allegations of malpractice. Use this newly revised Risk Management Reference Guide as a reference document only for effective risk management practices and more complete recordkeeping. You will find many suggested checklists, step-by-step instructions and important tips throughout.  
Risk Management FAQs
Informed Consent