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Reference Guides

In addition to sample forms, timely articles and analysts’ guidance, benefit from deep-dive guides on dentistry-specific topics. Search our comprehensive Risk Management Reference Guide or download just the right resource for your situation.

Anti-SLAPP Reference Guide

Overview of governing Anti-SLAPP Statutes known as Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation. 

Cyber Event Checklist

A proactive approach to responding to a cyberattack or data breach incident

Cyber Liability Guide

An overview of cyber risks and targets, data breach and cyberattacks, investigations, preparation and prevention

Health History Guidelines

Best practices and considerations for intake, review, and updates to health history forms.

Practice Interruption and Mutual Aid Guidelines

Assistance in the organization of a mutual aid group and guidance in the event a dentist suffers a disability or...

Responding to Online Reviews

Useful tips and best practices for responding to an online negative review.

Small Claims Court Reference Guide

Overview of limits by state, whether legal representation is allowed and if decisions can be appealed.

Surveillance Cameras

Considerations for installing and monitoring surveillance cameras

Treating Minor Patients Whose Parents Are Divorced

Answers to frequently asked questions related to providing care for children of divorced parents

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