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The Risk Management Advice Line is a complimentary service of The Dentists Insurance Company that has helped thousands of dentists seeking guidance on handling difficult situations in their offices. But not all callers are in the midst of a crisis. Sometimes, they simply need reassurance that they’ve done the right thing. Here is one example concerning a patient who presented for an exam and evaluation of her third molars.

Poor documentation, failure to immediately disclose to a patient that an unexpected treatment outcome occurred and failure to immediately refer the patient to a specialist were common trends noted in a five-year analysis by The Dentists Insurance Company. The results of this analysis formed the basis for a new TDIC seminar “Pain and Perception: Reducing Nerve Injury Risks,” which launches in September at CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry in San Francisco.

If practice owners fail to educate their team members on their roles, responsibilities and limitations, that positive experience can quickly turn negative. And that negative experience can potentially create a professional liability claim. The following is a case reported by The Dentists Insurance Company along with advice for reducing risk

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