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Earn C.E. while sharpening communication and documentation skills

TDIC offers a new seminar, online and in person, to help dentists improve communication and documentation skills to reduce the potential for complaints, claims, or lawsuits.

The Dentists Insurance Company has an extensive library of online and in-person learning opportunities designed to help policyholders stay ahead of emerging risks in dentistry. A newly launched seminar addresses the importance of clear communication and documentation in a dental practice’s risk management toolbox.

“Communication, Care, and Clear Protocols: Ensuring Safety for Patients of Every Age” is offered in a user-friendly, self-guided learning format, as well as in-person in select locations. Take all the self-guided course modules at once, or study them as time allows, at your own pace from the comfort of your home or office. Upon course completion, participants earn 3.0 ADA CERP and are eligible for a 5% discount on TDIC Professional Liability premiums for two years.*

An engaging course format examines actual TDIC cases and Risk Management Advice Line calls to highlight dentistry-focused strategies to reduce the potential for complaints, claims or lawsuits. The seminar aims to help dentists understand the importance of properly maintaining thorough health history forms, obtaining and documenting appropriate consent and in-office dispensing of products. It also offers insight on how to apply critical communication skills when untoward and unexpected events, injuries or serious complications occur.

The seminar offers insights that dentists can take right back to practice:

  • Conducting more effective informed consent discussions with patients and their representatives or guardians.
  • Establishing protocols to review the patients' medical history and implement controls for dispensing products safely.
  • Enhancing communication skills to increase the potential for optimal outcomes and reduce problematic results.

While there are inherent risks when providing dental treatment, it’s always in the best interests of patients and the practice when dentists are informed and engaged in risk management. Register for “Communication, Care, and Clear Protocols: Ensuring Safety for Patients of Every Age” online and explore additional learning opportunities.

*THIS DISCOUNT IS FOR THE PURPOSE OF SOLICITING SALES OF INSURANCE PRODUCTS. Void where prohibited. Not available in all states. For full rules, visit

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