COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

In this unprecedented health crisis, TDIC is making every effort to ease dentists’ burdens and provide useful information available to help guide them.

Below are some resources to better serve policyholders during this difficult and uncertain time.

TDIC will continue to provide information and updates about COVID-19 on this page. Your state dental association may also provide trusted guidance and resources.

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

TDIC continues to receive inquiries from TDIC policyholders on how to assess and manage the risk of potential exposure.

Who qualifies for the new premium grace period?

All current policyholders with payments due through June 30 will have until June 30 to make those payments.

How do I conduct contact tracing while keeping employee information confidential from other staff?

When an employee reports that they are COVID positive, start by asking the employee if there are others that they have come in close contact within the office. Once you have identified those individuals, you can have a conversation to confirm “close contact” and then determine if they should be sent home and instructed to reach out to their medical provider. Follow CDA’s flowchart and watch the e-learning module.

If I have three or more employees who have tested positive within 14 days, can I share my employees’ information with the local health department?

Yes, the local health department can investigate and take the steps it deems necessary to prevent the spread of communicable disease or a disease suspected of being communicable to protect public health. Only provide the information required and do not offer up additional information.

Can I limit or refuse to let my employees travel abroad?

State laws restrict employers from regulating where employees can go on vacation, but practice owners can develop a travel policy that includes a pre-travel inquiry and post-travel quarantine that could help protect patients and staff from potential exposure. Once developed, employers should distribute the policy to each employee and retain a signature acknowledgment from each employee. As a best practice, the policy should be universally applied to all employees of the practice.

Click here to download a sample Travel and other Conduct Away from the Workplace During the COVID-19 Pandemic Policy.

If a patient tests positive, am I required to disclose to my employees the patient’s name?

There is no obligation to reveal the patient’s name. In reality, an employee may see the information when accessing the patient’s file for work purposes. It is a best practice to remind all employees of the confidentiality of patient information and to only use or disclose the minimum necessary information.

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