COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

In this unprecedented health crisis, TDIC is making every effort to ease dentists’ burdens and provide useful information available to help guide them.

Below are some resources to better serve policyholders during this difficult and uncertain time.

TDIC will continue to provide information and updates about COVID-19 on this page. Your state dental association may also provide trusted guidance and resources.

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

TDIC continues to receive inquiries from TDIC policyholders on how to assess and manage the risk of potential exposure.

What about cybersecurity risks?

The utilization of new technologies often brings new security considerations. The facilitation of telehealth may create new cyber exposures for the practice. Existing technologies may already have exposures that could adversely affect your ability to securely provide telehealth. Contact your TDIC trusted advisor to discuss possible exposures, coverage implications and steps to reduce your risk.

Be aware that ransomware hackers are already using the COVID-19 pandemic to their advantage. TDIC will keep you informed about emerging risks and timely prevention and response tactics. If you are a TDIC policyholder, you can login to access our Cyber Liability Guide and Cyber Event Checklist under Risk Management Reference Guides.

Contact TDIC

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For policyholders in Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Tennessee or Washington, call 800.452.0504.

TDIC Endorsed Brokers

TDIC Insurance Solutions
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Montana, Oregon and Tennessee
Phone: 800.452.0504
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Conrad-Houston Insurance (Alaska)
Phone: 907.276.7667

Idaho Dentist Insurance Agency (IDIA)
Phone: 208.371.3052
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Jerry Hay, Inc. (Hawaii)
Phone: 808.521.1841

Mid-Atlantic Insurance Resources (New Jersey)
Phone: 877.476.4588
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Pennsylvania Dental Association Insurance Services (PDAIS)
Phone: 717.234.6530

Washington State Dentists’ Insurance Agency (WDIA)
Phone: 800.282.9342