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Risk Management Manual

The goals of health care risk management are always to improve the quality of patient care and reduce the frequency and severity of claims. Risk Management: A Practical Guide for Dentists provides a basic overview of best practices appropriate for the entire dental team, as well as providing another option for dentists who want to take the online self study quiz.

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The materials available on this website were prepared and assembled by employees of TDIC. It is not the intent of these materials to suggest or establish practice standards or standards of care applicable to the performance of a dentist or dental hygienist in any given situation. Rather, the sole purpose of these materials is to assist the dentists and dental hygienists insured by TDIC in avoiding claims of professional negligence, including meritless and frivolous claims. To that end, the intention of these materials is to advise the dentists and dental hygienists insured by TDIC to conduct their practice in a manner that is well above the accepted norms and standards of care established by the substantive medical malpractice law. The recommendations contained in these materials are not necessarily appropriate to every dentist or dental hygienist or for every situation to which they may refer.