Professional Liability

TDIC’s Dental Professional Liability Insurance covers your legal obligations for injury arising from acts or omissions in the rendering of professional services for your patients. 

Professional Liability Insurance covers:

  • Prior acts coverage (if needed and by request) 
  • Extended reporting period endorsement (if needed and by request)
  • Regulatory authority legal defense 
  • Employment practice liability legal defense reimbursement

It covers the following people:

  • Licensed dentists (the named insured) 
  • Paradental employees 
  • Partnership or dental corporation (corporate policy is available)
  • Locum tenens

Additional options available, including:

  • New dentist 
  • Full-time faculty or moonlighting post-graduate student 
  • Part-time practice 
  • Claim-free discount
  • Coverage suspension (leave of absence) 

Premiums are dependent upon the following:

  • Your specialty 
  • Practice history
  • Anesthetic modality 
  • Limits of liability selected 
  • Discounts 
  • Original effective date
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