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Learn to manage risks and earn C.E.

Join in live and on-demand courses, based on real cases and designed by dentistry-focused risk management experts. Choose the learning format that works for you.

What are your course options?

Stay ahead of emerging risks in dentistry by attending our current seminar, and earn a 5% professional liability discount.*

Choose from our library of past seminars across risk management topics and earn C.E. online anytime.

A seminar designed to reduce your risks

By identifying the warning signs of a problem patient or adverse outcome, you may reduce, mitigate or eliminate potential complaints, claims or lawsuits against your dental practice. Through The Dentists Insurance Company’s current seminar, learn how to spot issues arising during treatment from actual cases and Risk Management Advice Line calls.

Learning outcomes

Understand the importance of good communication, documentation, patient selection and case management. Upon course completion, you’ll have more insight and information on: 

  • Patient and case selection criteria and when to refer
  • Warning signs of high-risk patients, situations and cases
  • When to contact TDIC for advice on a patient or case
  • Building and maintaining trust in doctor-patient relationships 

Policyholder benefits

Get expert advice, earn C.E and lock in a 5% Professional Liability premium discount for two years upon completion of the full-length seminar.* 

TDIC launches a new seminar on a trending risk management topic every two years, keeping you ahead of the curve and helping you preserve discounts. 

Live Seminar Schedule

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Calibrate your Risk Radar - Virtual

This course is designed to teach dentists how to spot issues that arise during treatment, which could lead to complaints, claims, or lawsuits. The ability to identify the warning signs of a potential problem patient or adverse treatment outcome is a valuable tool to reduce, mitigate, or even eliminate potential claims against a dental practice. Not every patient who experiences an adverse treatment outcome will file a lawsuit, and not every lawsuit can be anticipated or avoided. However, understanding the role of good communication, documentation, patient selection, and case management can lessen your risk. 

Through examination of actual The Dentists Insurance Company (TDIC) cases and Risk Management Advice Line calls, this online course highlights useful risk management strategies related to patient care and case selection. The goal is to give participants practical methods of identifying potentially problematic situations and patients while promoting the delivery of quality dental care. 

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Employ comprehensive patient and case selection criteria.
  • Identify the warning signs of high-risk patients, situations, and cases.
  • Identify when to contact TDIC for advice on a patient or case.
  • Identify when to refer patients.
  • Build and maintain trust in the doctor-patient relationship.  
  • Get expert advice, earn C.E and lock in a 5% Professional Liability premium discount for two years upon completion of the full-length seminar.* 

Additional Seminars

Enjoy 24/7 online learning options for only $25 per seminar and earn 3.0 C.E. units each.

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Charting the Course

Please note: To qualify for TDIC’s Professional Liability premium discount for risk management education, you must complete the current seminar.

Accessing your seminar and earning C.E.

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C.E. Support

  • Upon successful course completion, allow 10 days for your certificate to be ready.
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