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Reference Guides

In addition to sample forms, timely articles and analysts’ guidance, benefit from deep-dive guides on dentistry-specific topics. Search our comprehensive Risk Management Reference Guide or download just the right resource for your situation.

Acknowledgment of Surveillance Camera Installation

Notice, acknowledgement/release and policy to inform patients and staff that surveillance cameras are in use

Authorization for Agent to Consent to Dental Treatment of a Minor

Sample treatment authorization for an adult to whom care of a minor has been entrusted

Authorization for Caretaker to Accompany a Minor

Sample authorization for a non-legal guardian to accompany a minor patient to dental appointments

Authorization for Release of Dental Records

Form for a patient to authorize release of records to another dentist, physician or authorized representative

Caregiver's Authorization Affidavit

Form for a caregiver to authorize a minor’s participation in school-related care or other medical care

CBCT Scan Form Set

Full set of CBCT sample forms, including informed consent, refusal, referral and notice of non-read scan

Consultation for Dental Treatment

Form for a mutual patient’s physician to confirm medical condition, diagnosis and/or fitness for treatment

Dental History

Form for capturing a patient’s at-home oral hygiene, dental concerns and treatment history

Diagnostic X-rays Required Letter

Sample letter to inform and educate a patient of necessary X-rays to continue dental treatment

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