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Liability Lifeline

This quarterly publication, available to TDIC policyholders, features articles on the latest risk management issues impacting dentists and steps to mitigate their influence. It also includes real questions from your peers received through TDIC’s Advice Line with thoughtful answers from our experts.

Current Issue
Spring 2019

Spring has sprung, and it's time to get your practice in order! See how to conduct a thorough evaluation of all elements of your practice, from revisiting charts to inspecting equipment. Create a positive and efficient environment while helping to mitigate possible liability claims stemming from patient injuries, employment disputes and data breaches.


Liability Lifeline Archive
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Winter 2018/19

The experienced analysts who answer TDIC’s Risk Management Advice Line provide guidance that can prevent practice incidents from escalating. The Winter 2019 issue of Liability Lifeline highlights real calls and the analysts’ advice to steer dentists toward to the best courses of action when navigating unfamiliar situations.


Fall 2018

Knowledge of insurance basics allows you to be comfortable and confident when it comes to your coverage. This issue of Liability Lifeline guides you in reading your policy, understanding insurance terms and choosing the type of coverage that's right for you.


Summer 2018

When treating minor patients, dentists should be aware of the regulations that govern who has a say in treatment decisions. This issue of Liability Lifeline explores factors in determining legal authority such as divorce, absent parents, stepparents, non-custodial caretakers and self-sufficient minors.


Spring 2018

What does state legalization of recreational marijuana use mean to you as an employer? The Spring 2018 issue of Liability Lifeline covers considerations for your practice’s employee handbook and drug-free workplace policy. Other topics in the issue include how offering treatment discounts can increase your risks.


Risk Management Advice Line
RM Matters
Taking shortcuts on charting, such as using pre-established templates, may seem like a convenient time-saver, but it can leave patients unhappy and lead to potential liability claims.
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