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Have a question about a pressing risk management issue? Our experienced Risk Management analysts have answers. From treating minors to retaining patient records to employee leaves of absence, chances are, your question has been asked before. The following is a list of frequently asked questions, along with practical solutions, that can help you avoid liability within your practice.

A patient posted a negative review on Yelp about my practice. Can I respond to the review? What if the poster isn’t a patient of record and it is just a bogus review?

We recommend not responding. If you feel compelled to respond, write something like this: “By responding to this post, I am neither confirming nor denying that you are a patient of my practice. If you would like to discuss the issue, please call my office at _______________.”

If patients come in and mention the negative review, we recommend addressing it as follows: “Yes, I am aware of the review. Unfortunately, anyone can write a review about the practice online – whether they are a patient of mine or not. Being a healthcare provider, I cannot respond. But you are here today, so let’s get started.”

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