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Have a question about a pressing risk management issue? Our experienced Risk Management analysts have answers. From treating minors to retaining patient records to employee leaves of absence, chances are, your question has been asked before. The following is a list of frequently asked questions, along with practical solutions, that can help you avoid liability within your practice.

I am closing down my practice, not selling it to another dentist. How do I let my patients know in a way that it is not considered abandonment? Do I need to keep their records?

Check with your local dental board for state specifics regarding closing a practice. With that said, you should notify your patients of record with a letter advising them of the closure of the practice. The letter should indicate your actual termination date, where they can locate their records after that date, and the importance of continued dental care. In some instances, you may also place an ad in a local newspaper. Comply with your state’s requirements for retention of records timelines, and, if placing them in charge of a custodian, be sure to have it spelled out who will pay for storage and reproduction costs of records.

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