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This article series is shared online and in select dental publications. Each article explores a single developing topic in risk management.

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Workers’ Compensation: Your Obligations as an Employer

As employers, dentists must follow workers’ compensation laws and state-specific obligations like compliance postings and injury-reporting requirements. Get answers to common questions about workplace injuries and illnesses, leaves of...

Treatment Templates: Convenient or Careless?

Record Keeping

Taking shortcuts on charting, such as using pre-established templates, may seem like a convenient time-saver, but it can leave patients unhappy and lead to potential liability claims.

To Treat or Not To Treat? Unvaccinated Patients Create Ethical Dilemmas

Patient Care

The return of measles raises questions about the ethical and legal obligation to treat patients who may put others at risk. Learn whether dental practices can and should refuse to treat unvaccinated patients.

Avoid Medication-Related Tragedies with Comprehensive Health History Forms

Record Keeping

Make informed decisions about medications and prescription-strength dental products and prevent negative drug interactions, allergic reactions and adverse effects with accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive health history forms.

Risk Management Considerations for Older Adult Patients

Patient Care

Special considerations are warranted for patients of advanced years, especially those who are medically-compromised. Learn the necessary precautions to ensure they remain safe in your practice.

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Explore the many causes and implications of today’s evolving wellness issues, understand how dentists’ well-being can increase the practice's liability risks and learn healthy techniques for coping and building resilience.

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